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Century Graphic Graflex converted Pinhole

Century Graphic Graflex converted Pinhole

My grandfather passed away when I was a teenager, and I was given a suitcase of his camera gear. Among the old flash bulbs, light meters, and sheet film holders was his Century Graphic Graflex camera and a roll-film back. Over the years the camera remained stowed safely in storage, however as I became more experienced with pinhole photography, I pondered the possibility of converting the Graflex into a pinhole camera so that I could shoot on medium format film. The process turned out to be much easier than I thought… I removed the lens board, cut a new one out of black photo matte, and a builder friend of mine sent me the correct size pinhole. I also picked up another film back for the camera, which allowed me to shoot with both black and white and color film in the same outing. Working with the converted Graflex aided me in achieving my goals of slowing down my photography processes, and spending more time in the field. Between the composition, calculation, and long exposure times, I found myself feeling more connected to the environment that I was attempting to capture. I enjoy the soft focus of this pinhole, and I learned to embrace and work with the capture of movement in the long exposures. I believe it helps convey a dreamy “Monet” quality to my images. The f/stop of this camera is roughly f/225, the negative size produced is roughly 6cm x 9cm (or 2.25” x 3.25”, hence the label “23” on the film holder)