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Lochkamera P.120 Panoramic Pinhole

Lochkamera P.120 Panoramic Pinhole

This unique camera was hand crafted by an artisan from Portland, Oregon, Kurt Mottweiler ( My husband had been searching the internet over for a birthday gift for me while Kurt was working on the prototype of the P.120. The two connected online, and though the first production run ran past my actual birthday, the wait for this beauty was well worth it. This camera captures a 120 degree view, creating a negative that is 6cm by 12cm, and shoots at f/200. It is fitted with a pneumatic shutter which is operated by a shutter release bulb, and can be held open for short (2-3 second) exposures, or propped open for longer exposures. The shutter design eliminates the camera shake which can be so difficult to avoid when manually opening pinhole shutters.