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February 19 update

February 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I have four gallery updates for the month of February, which are all under the "Recent Work" collection here:


Spring flowers 2017, landscapes 2018, and two galleries of images from my trip to the Moss Yard (Trust Salvage) from the spring of 2018... one album is digital, the other is film.  The film images were shot using my Vintage Kodak Brownie Hawkeye on Kodak 400TX black and white film, developed in my home darkroom and scanned via my Epson V700 scanner.

January 2019 Site Shuffling

January 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Over the past month I have made some significant cuts to the work showcased on my site.  After having had my photography site operational for a decade, I not only felt that the work displayed had become overwhelming in volume, but I also felt it was no longer all reflective of me.  I have been spending more time exploring a variety of film cameras and film, and at the same time my work with film has been affecting the way in which I work with digital equipment and files.  In this exploration and growth, I have also become more critical of my images and more conservative in what I feel is worthy of sharing.  To that end, I have rearranged the layout of my galleries to hopefully make it more visitor-friendly, while not totally abandoning my favorites among my older work.

The older images that I chose to preserve on the site are now categorized under one of the two "Archive" collections - digital for strictly digital images, and film for images shot with film cameras.  Digital is broken into smaller galleries based on subject, with room to add galleries if my subject range should branch out in the future.  Film archives are separated into galleries based on the cameras with which I created the images.  Though there is a mix of subject matter within each gallery, I feel that the personality of each camera made for a more cohesive grouping than the subject of each image.  Also, most of them are landscapes of some kind anyway.

My newest work will now be housed in the "Recent Work" - this is a mix of digital and film work, posted in chronological order of either when the image was shot, or when it was developed/scanned/edited.  These galleries will also be listed under the "Featured" links on the main site page for easy access to my latest work.  As I add to this area, I will remove the oldest of the Recent Work and move the images to their respective archive galleries.

My People/Events category is unchanged, that will still be where personal photo shoots and event photos will be housed for easy access by the subjects.

Now that this reorganization is finished, I can get back to adding more work!  My latest addition to the site is a gallery of bird photos: https://deddoarts.zenfolio.com/p803053731  This is a collection of images taken in my back yard over the course of 2017 - 2018.  Coming soon will be the other digital images I collected over the course of 2017-2018, and then as I catch up on scanning negatives I'll be able to add to the film images.  I'm very excited to share the work I've been doing on the film side of things, though the images are fewer due to film limitations, the process is a longer labor of love.



Film Camera Information Update

August 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In anticipation of future updates, I've decided to add a small gallery to my Film Photography section which showcases the film cameras I've used in the past and am currently using.  I hope this helps to further understand just what I'm shooting with, and where the low-fidelity images come from.

Here is the Film Camera Gallery

Site update and future plans

July 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have updated my site several times over the course of the last year, however I failed to continue with blog posts describing the updates.  My goal is to change this over the coming months.

6 or so albums were added over the course of the last year, all are still listed on the main page under "Featured".  This evening I added the finishing touches to an album I'd been working on last winter - "Fall Gardens 2017" - and that gallery is now live on the site.

My photography agenda has been packed as of late.  I've experimented with a few vintage cameras, acquired a new and amazing hand-crafted pinhole camera, and revisited some Polaroid emulsion lifts.  I've been out in the field on my own, on family vacations, on outings with photography meet-up groups, and I've joined an artist exchange group.  My inventory of negatives and digital files is becoming overwhelming.  I believe I've reached the point where I have too many pots on the stove - so the saying goes - and over the last few weeks I have been pondering the unfinished work that I have sitting on hard drives, in notebooks, and in my studio space.  

As I corral my thoughts and images, I should hopefully be bringing my most recent work to light on these pages soon.

Updates and work

February 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My blog entry comes a little late for at least one update... I finished my 2017 calendar last year and updated the link.  It is still available for purchase, although I realize one month has already passed.


My communication and work on my site slowed last fall due to family matters, and I've just recently been able to carve out the time to get back on track.  I've been spending time going through photos from my shorter outings over 2015-2016, editing the images, and putting them together into categorized albums.  Over the last few days I've been releasing the albums online: three bird albums, one waterfalls, and one of critters that didn't have the volume to fit into their own album.  

During the past year I've also been spending more time with film photography, working out the kinks in home made and converted cameras and establishing which ones help to bring forth my creative vision the best.  I'm very excited to have found this new source of inspiration and it has put me on the path to a more concrete plan of action (rather than my previous "film for the sake of film" varied exploration)  After this series of digital photography updates, my intention is to bring my film albums up to date as I continue to explore shooting film on my outings.

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