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Film Camera Information Update

August 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In anticipation of future updates, I've decided to add a small gallery to my Film Photography section which showcases the film cameras I've used in the past and am currently using.  I hope this helps to further understand just what I'm shooting with, and where the low-fidelity images come from.

Here is the Film Camera Gallery

Site update and future plans

July 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have updated my site several times over the course of the last year, however I failed to continue with blog posts describing the updates.  My goal is to change this over the coming months.

6 or so albums were added over the course of the last year, all are still listed on the main page under "Featured".  This evening I added the finishing touches to an album I'd been working on last winter - "Fall Gardens 2017" - and that gallery is now live on the site.

My photography agenda has been packed as of late.  I've experimented with a few vintage cameras, acquired a new and amazing hand-crafted pinhole camera, and revisited some Polaroid emulsion lifts.  I've been out in the field on my own, on family vacations, on outings with photography meet-up groups, and I've joined an artist exchange group.  My inventory of negatives and digital files is becoming overwhelming.  I believe I've reached the point where I have too many pots on the stove - so the saying goes - and over the last few weeks I have been pondering the unfinished work that I have sitting on hard drives, in notebooks, and in my studio space.  

As I corral my thoughts and images, I should hopefully be bringing my most recent work to light on these pages soon.

Updates and work

February 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My blog entry comes a little late for at least one update... I finished my 2017 calendar last year and updated the link.  It is still available for purchase, although I realize one month has already passed.


My communication and work on my site slowed last fall due to family matters, and I've just recently been able to carve out the time to get back on track.  I've been spending time going through photos from my shorter outings over 2015-2016, editing the images, and putting them together into categorized albums.  Over the last few days I've been releasing the albums online: three bird albums, one waterfalls, and one of critters that didn't have the volume to fit into their own album.  

During the past year I've also been spending more time with film photography, working out the kinks in home made and converted cameras and establishing which ones help to bring forth my creative vision the best.  I'm very excited to have found this new source of inspiration and it has put me on the path to a more concrete plan of action (rather than my previous "film for the sake of film" varied exploration)  After this series of digital photography updates, my intention is to bring my film albums up to date as I continue to explore shooting film on my outings.

Three more Kauai albums

September 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Over the past week I've updated three more galleries from my trip to Kauai last February.

The first new gallery is Kauai Waterfalls, which holds 10 images of a few of the waterfalls on the island. 

Next comes the Kauai Landscapes gallery, with 25 images.  The island's landscapes are varied, from deep valleys to high mountains, to rolling vistas of wild forests.  This gallery holds the landscapes shot with standard lenses and aspect ratios.  I will also have some more landscapes to share which are shot as panoramic vistas, as well as subjects shot with my Edge 80 optic.

The final update came this morning, my gallery of 15 "waterscape" photos... images which prominently feature the ocean or the shorelines.


Thank you for stopping by, comments are always welcome and appreciated!



Three gallery updates

September 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Over the weekend I published three additional smaller galleries to the site; Seals and Lizards, Trees, and Sunrises from Kauai in February 2015.  


The monk seals are endemic to the island, and endangered - I had the great luck of seeing three on our trip (one was at night and it was too dark to photograph) There is a federal law prohibiting getting too close and/or harassing these seals, who need to come on land and sleep without being disturbed throughout the day and night in order to recover energy from their hunting efforts. There is an island-wide team of volunteers who track these seals. They set up barriers to protect the animals, track their sleep and travel habits, and answer questions about the seals and their conservation program. One volunteer saw me taking photos of a nearby tide pool and invited me over to see the seal sleeping on the rocks (from a safe distance of course) and she gave my daughter a packet of information about the seals.  

I spotted one lizard on a display of ginger root at a fruit stand in Hanalei, the others were all scurrying around alongside the ridge trail we hiked on towards the end of our trip.  

I was very enamored with the exposed roots of the ironwood trees on Ke'e Beach, towards the north end of the island of Kauai.  Over time the wind and water have exposed the roots, unveiling their intricate and abstract details.

Our condo sits on the eastern shores of the island of Kauai, just steps from the beach.  Most mornings I woke before sunrise, made a pot of coffee, and wandered down to the beach with my camera gear to watch the sunrise.  

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