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Kodak Six-20

Kodak Six-20

I picked up this antique camera at an annual camera swap in the spring of 2017. It was originally manufactured sometime between 1932 and 1936, and is in astonishingly great condition considering the age. The camera bellows fold down flat, making this a convenient pocket camera during its time. The Six-20 produces negatives at 6cm x 9 cm, and (as the name implies) takes 620 size film. This size film is the same as the 120mm widely available today, the only difference is the size of the spool that the film is spooled onto. In order to shoot with this camera, I go into an absolutely pitch-black closet and hand-roll the 120 film from the original spool onto a 620 spool (and then back on another 620 spool so that the film is facing the correct direction for loading) I enjoy how the old glass combined with the film gives the images from this camera a vintage feel.